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The GIStorical Antwerp-project is being developed at the Centre for Urban History of the University of Antwerp. The directors of the project are: Prof. dr. Bruno Blondé, prof. dr. Bert de Munck, prof. dr. Peter Stabel, prof. dr. Hilde Greefs and prof. dr. Tim Soens. The daily management of the project is in the hands of Tim Soens.

Ellen Janssens and Reinout Klaarenbeek are responsible for the implementation of the project. Ellen Janssens, who graduated in history (Master of Arts), is pursuing a PhD on water supply and the use of urban space in 18th and 19th-century Antwerp. Reinout Klaarenbeek, who graduated in social-geography (Bachelor) and heritage management (Master of Arts), is preparing a PhD with the subject of urban densification of 19th-century Antwerp. Both are exploring the uses of historical GIS in their research, contributing to the further development of GIStorical Antwerp.

Tim Bisschops was responsible for the geo-referencing of the land register maps. Tim Bisschops, Ellen Janssens and Reinout Klaarenbeek produced the vector files. The data from the initial property register was digitized by Hilde Greefs. Johan Feikens and Derk Drukker of the Fryske Akademy built the interface. The historical background maps are provided by the Antwerp City Archive and were georeferenced by Tim Bisschops, Johan Feikens and the city of Antwerp Urban Development Department.

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