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What has changed in this version (March 2008) versus the earlier one. (March 2007)

  • Added have been the cities of Woudenberg, Renswoude, Leusden and IJsselstein, (the total now adds to 43 % of the province)
  • Layers have been added for houses and churches ( Gebouwen), farms (Boerderijen), ditches (Sloten), roads (Wegen) and waterways (Water) which serve as geographic references and are not 100 % complete
  • Geographic names have been added and a separate layer "in gray" ( provinciekaart) of the current geographic situation, (comparing with "Google earth" will facilitate the ease of orientation)
  • The bisshop of Utrecht, untill 1528, was both the "spiritual" and the "worldly" leader of the province, which had divided in a number of adminstrative quarters (kwartieren), these can be shown instead of the kadastral cities (Gemeenten) in 1832 in the layer "Historische percelen"

All these layers can be selected/unselected behind the tab "Layers"

Behind the "Search" tab, each of the layers can be searched for a specific name, behind the "Go to" tab a specific city can selected.

The size of the info"section on the right hand side can be reduced, making a larger portion of the map available.

Still worked is on the functionality to add/remove layers automatically, depending on the "zoomfactor"