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The construction of an historic land registry is part of a study on historic  landownership in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Objective is to reconstruct land ownership at individual plot level in 1400 AD and provide insight in ownership and (feudal) ownership relationships.

The plots shown are not those plots shown in the 1832 kadastral maps, but parcels which through the ages have formed an entity and as such have been owned, sold, leased, inherited, etc. combining an number of kadastral plots.

A study on this scale will take many years and is ongoing; not every parcel shown fullfills the qualification, yet. A small number will have to be split.

The whole  province of Utrecht totals 165.000 hectares (400.000 acres), currently 60.000 hectares are available with the 1832 ownership and  geographical names. (Untill the 19th century, land was measured mostly in morgen (= 0.8516 hectare) and morgen are being used as the unit here.)

In using the information, it has to be realized that the first land registration in 1832 has been a undertaking of many years so ownership in the various parcels is not necessarily synchronous.

The purpose of this website is to make this information available, more will be added, when it will become available.